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Low-Cost AVR Based Logic Analyzer

07/05/2010 Category: AVR, Interfacing, Microcontroller, Monitoring, Project, Tools

This Logic Analyzer project allow you to monitors and captures a number of digital signals. It uses PC to display the data processing. The system consists of ATmega88-20PU AVR microcontroller as main processor and some simple components used for the interfacing with the PC, the man and the probes.


The measuring instrument supports 8 input lines and a limited amount of memory (only 1 Kbyte). The basic sampling rate (normal mode) is 2 M samples/sec. At this rate the logic analyzer can store at least 512 samples and supports up to 65.5 msecs of continuous operation. The user can select two additional modes of operation, the fast with 6.67Msamples/sec and 153.6usec sampling duration and the slow with 1.25Msamples/sec and 65msec maximum duration.

Antonios Chorevas, the project designer, said that PC can read the data from the microcontroller using the parallel port and a simple interface. There is some simple software written in Visual Basic which is enough for the communication.

Logic Analyzer
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