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Wireless Weather Station and Web Server

06/06/2012 Category: Arduino, Data Acquisition, Interfacing, Monitoring, Project, Wireless

This small and less power consumption weather station able to log wind speed, wind direction, outdoor humidity, outdoor temperature, rain, UV, cloud height, wind chill, pressure, forecast, indoor temperature/humidity every hour. It also can be used to monitor house power usage. Logged data and 24/48 hour trends are sent to web page for easy monitoring. The system can send alert via email when there is extremes condition.

Wireless Weather Station

The project’s components consists of Arduino MEGA 2560, Ethernet shield (with micro SD card), RF 433MHz receiver (Aurel RX-4M50RR30SF), Aerial, DS3234 RTC breakout module, LM35 temperature sensor and BMP085 pressure sensor. Hardwares to be monitored in this project are Oregon Scientific WMR628 wireless weather station and OWL power monitor. To decode Oregon Scientific WMR628, It uses Oregon Scientific V2 protocol from jeelabs.