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Arduino based Battery Tab Resistance Fine-Spot Welder

September 24, 2014 By: admin Category: Arduino, Miscellaneous No Comments →

Resistive spot welding (RSW) is a process in which contacting metal surfaces are joined by the heat obtained from resistance to electric current. The process uses two shaped copper alloy electrodes to concentrate welding current into a small “spot” and to simultaneously clamp the sheets together. Forcing a large current through the spot will melt […]

Low Cost Hearing Aid, TDA2822M

May 28, 2013 By: admin Category: Analog, Audio, Miscellaneous No Comments →

This Low Cost Hearing Aid project is built based on TDA2822M IC. This general-purpose electronic hearing aid needs 3V DC (2×1.5V battery) to works. Use an 8-pin DIP IC socket for TDA2822M for easy assembling and maintenance. Simple & Low cost hearing Aid Schematic

555 Fully Automatic Emergency Light

April 06, 2013 By: admin Category: Control, Miscellaneous No Comments →

This circuit shows you how to build simple Automatic Emergency Light using IC 555. This emergency light automatically turns on when mains fails and turn off when mains power is available. Its charging circuit stops automatically when the battery is fully charged. So you can leave the emergency light connected to AC mains overnight without […]

Simple Youtube Karaoke Mixer

March 21, 2013 By: admin Category: Analog, Audio, Miscellaneous No Comments →

Paulorenato has built a very simple audio mixer for his YouTube karaoke system. The mixer simply takes the output of the TV that streaming YouTube video plus the Karaoke microphone output and combines them before sending the signal to the amplifier (aka “Receiver”) input.