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ECG Primer

04/28/2010 Category: Data Acquisition, Detector, Digital, Measurement, Project

The project is built for detecting human ECG (Electrocardiogram or EKG). The ECG Primer consists of 3 main parts : an extern ECG amplifier circuit for signal conditioning, the STM32 on-chip mixed signal processing peripherals for the data acquisition and the software handler for rending the ECG data and delivering ECG data to the USB port or LCD.

EKG metering project

In this project a tiny amplifier is embedded (<1mA). It uses the on-chip Timer, ADC and DMA (double buffering) to get ECG data. For ECG rendering, the system use IIR filter and hardware LCD scrolling. The instant heart rate is displayed with beep sound and LED flashing. By touch the button, user can watch ECG trace is scrolling alive on the LCD screen. The device also able to display ECG data on PC through the USB cable. This ECG Measurement project is designed by jingxizhang.

ECG Project
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