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Precision Temperature Controller

01/25/2010 Category: Control, Microcontroller, PIC, Project

The project was designed for a calorimeter which will control the temperature of an outer metal box surrounding an inner calorimeter base plate. This will isolate the inner base plate from external temperature variations. The design will use a semiconductor temperature sensor to measure the temperature of the metal box, and will use a Proportional/Integral (PI) control algorithm to power a heater and drive the box temperature to the desired temperature.


The two goals for the temperature controller are to maintain the box temperature at the desired temperature set point and to control the temperature variations around the set point with a standard deviation (STD) of less than 0.01 degrees Celsius (ÂșC). The main component in the system is dsPIC30F2011 as main controller and MCP9700A as temperature sensor. The project designed by David Ludington.

Temperature Controller
Download Project Documentation (zip)