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Bathroom Utilities Management System

06/22/2011 Category: Control, Data Acquisition, Monitoring, PIC, Project, Sensor

The aim of the project is to build PIC32-based bathroom utilities management system. It will control and monitoring water and electricity usage to help user save money on utility bills. The system will turn off lights when not in use and limit water usage. The PIR sensor is used to detect when someone enters the room, the system will then turn on the lights, the door contacts and the pressure sensor will be used in conjunction with the PIR to determine if someone is still in the room, (possibly sitting on the toilet!) so the lights won’t turn off while the person is still in the room.

Bathroom system pic project

Brent Morse, project designer, explained that each user will have an RFID tag or iButton, so each user utility usage can be data logged on the PC. Each user will have a preset amount of time in the shower and the system will alert the user when their time is almost up. The proximity sensor will be used to detect a user and control the faucet water flow. The humidity sensor will be used to control the exhaust fan, if someone is using the shower, or steam builds up in the room, the exhaust fan will be turned on automatically. An application on the PC side will enable the Administrator to override any functions remotely, or view utility usage per user.

Bathroom Utilities Management System Block Diagram