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AVR Based Compact Email Client

07/28/2010 Category: AVR, Digital, Microcontroller, Miscellaneous, Project

This ATmega32-based compact mail client project is easy-to-use and provides all the basic functionality you need to communicate via electronic mail. The project named as MiniEmail has a special stand-by mode in which it checks for new mail on a regular basis and alerts you in case new mail has arrived. Its intention is to keep you up-to-date about new e-mails, so that you will never again miss an urgent e-mail. You could, of course, just as well do a periodic mail check using a PC, but this wastes a lot of electric power and may be very disturbing if your PC exceeds a certain noise level.

AVR Email Client

“If you want to quickly write an e-mail and your PC is turned off, you can simply use MiniEmail and immediately start writing without having to wait until your PC has booted and loaded the operating system and the necessary applications. MiniEmail may also be suitable for elder people who find using a PC much too complicated. With MiniEmail you can send and receive text e-mails without having to care about the operating system, installations, and Internet threats like worms and viruses,” said Alexander Mann, the project designer.

MiniEmail uses almost all of the many features of the Atmel AVR microcontroller ATmega32: the SPI interface, timers, external interrupt sources, USART interface, internal EEPROM and SRAM, sleep modes, all 32 I/O lines, its speed and instruction throughput, and almost all of the 32 kByte program memory.