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Low Dropout Adjustable Power Supply

10/19/2012 Category: Analog, Power Supply

This adjustable breadboard power supply is built based on IC MIC2941. It has very low dropout only 40mV – 400mV compared to 1.25V – 2.0V for LM317, which means your output voltage can be much closer to the input voltage. The power supply can deliver guaranteed 1.25A output.

breadboard power supply

There are 3 modes configuration for the output: 3.3v, 5v and Adjustable. By tuning onboard potentiometer, you can adjust output voltage from 1.25V up to within 0.5V of the input voltage (20V max). Short circuit and overheating protection feature also available in this circuit to protect your project from damage. Other feature including input diode to protect circuitry from negative voltages or AC power supplies, 2.1mm DC jack and terminal connector for voltage inputs and On/Off switch for entire board. Download: power supply schematic.