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Standalone Mobile Phone Book Backup

12/28/2011 Category: Interfacing, Miscellaneous, Project, Renesas

Mobile phones have become an ubiquitous gadget used worldwide. Despite this, there are a number of different communication technologies and the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) standard has emerged as a rising star. Used mainly in Europe, it is also gaining ground in different Asian and American countries.

A differentiation feature of the GSM phones is the built-in socket for a smart card called SIM. SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module and is used mainly for authenticating the user to the network during phone startup.

Due to the security features of the smart card, it is feasible to use it as a secure storage device for confidential information such as a phonebook. But like any other digital system, it can break down or become corrupted losing very important information for the user.

Cell Phone Book Backup

To prevent this situation, Carlos Cossio has designed a standalone device that is able to make a backup of all the phonebook records. Developed based on Renesas M16C/62P demonstration board, this standalone device allows the retrieval of the full phonebook stored in the GSM-Mobile SIM smart card. Subsequently, it is capable of showing all the records on the LCD display, copying the phonebook to another SIM smart card, saving it into the M16C62P microcontroller internal flash memory or sending it to a PC for editing purposes.

The phonebook can be edited with the Address Book application included in all Windows Operating Systems. Additionally, it features an innovative keyless-entry system to enter numeric information without a keypad.

The Mobile Phone Book
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