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Interfacing 8 LCD Displays to Microcontroller with Only Two Wires

June 13, 2013 By: admin Category: AVR, Display, Interfacing No Comments →

If you have electronics project that need many LCD display with limited MCU IO pin out, you can use this method to accomplish it. Jesus Echavarria has successfully interface 8 LCD displays and 24 Leds with only two wires: SDA and SCL from an I2C bus. The project uses MCP23017 (16-Bit I/O Expander with Serial […]

Automotive Data Logger, DAQPac

March 11, 2013 By: admin Category: Automotive, Interfacing, Microcontroller No Comments →

DAQPac is parallax propeller-based automotive data logger designed for motorsports enthusiasts. It has all the features necessary for a driver to improve both their skill and vehicle performance. DAQPac was the result of two prior prototypes, each one evaluating the hardware for function at a reasonable cost. The end result is a well-balanced system, able […]

Internet Radio Using Raspberry Pi and Arduino

February 26, 2013 By: admin Category: Interfacing, Microcontroller, Miscellaneous, Raspberry Pi No Comments →

This project shows you how to build embedded internet radio based on Raspberry Pi and Arduino. In this project, Raspberry Pi runs mpd music player daemon to receive and decode the internet radio stream. ALSA running on the Raspberry Pi provides the sound through either the Jack Socket or the HDMI output. Arduino runs a […]

Smart Mobility System for Paralysed People

February 14, 2013 By: admin Category: Control, Interfacing, Miscellaneous, Motor No Comments →

This smart mobility system project is built to help and improves the lives of physically challenged people. The system comes with eye controlled wheelchair, automatic caregiver follower and computer Interfacing. Eye controlled wheelchair use patient’s eye movements to control and drive wheel chair. The system consists of a camera, computer, control circuit and motors. The […]