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Smart Mobility System for Paralysed People

02/14/2013 Category: Control, Interfacing, Miscellaneous, Motor

This smart mobility system project is built to help and improves the lives of physically challenged people. The system comes with eye controlled wheelchair, automatic caregiver follower and computer Interfacing.

smart wheel chair for paralyzed people

Eye controlled wheelchair use patient’s eye movements to control and drive wheel chair. The system consists of a camera, computer, control circuit and motors. The camera is placed in front of one eye and constantly captures the image. It then send the data to computer system (Laptop or a SmartCam), which runs an NI Lab VIEW-based image processing program. When the patient moves his eyes to his left or right, the program sends command signals to control unit to turn the wheelchair Left/Right. While up or down eyes movement push the wheelchair to move Forward/Reverse. The communication between the computer and the control unit is achieved using UART link.

Smart Mobility system for disabled

Automatic caregiver follower allows the wheelchair to follow the path traced from a person with beacon device. With this feature, caregiver doesn’t need to push the wheelchair anymore. Just carry a smartphone with accelerometer and a magnetometer as beacon device and walk in front of patient, and the wheelchair will follow him.

Computer Interface helps the physically challenged to operate computer without using keyboard or mouse. It uses eye movement or voice to control mouse pointer. This feature is useful for paralyzed and patients with disability in hands.