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Color to Sound Player, AVR ATmega1284

01/18/2013 Category: AVR, Converter, Miscellaneous, Project

This ATmega1284-based project can convert the color to sound directly. It can be used as cassette player that plays through a tape of colors. It determines the RGB content of a surface and then speaks the color or plays a musical tone at the sound frequency mapped to the color. The user can select between several harp, retro, and violin instrument sounds which are implemented using Direct Digital Synthesis. Currently, the device can detect nine different colors consistently and the instrument sounds produced are realistic.

color to sound converter project

The project hardware consists of AVR Microcontroller ATmega1284 as main brain, 3 LED with different emitted color and Photoresistor for sensing the color, Infrared and Phototransistor as subsystem sensor, and the last part is speaker with external RC low-pass filter that convert direct digital synthesis PWM signal to audio. Deyu Liu and Kevin Lin, as designer, said that the idea of the project is to create a device that can serve as an outlet for Synesthesia, an aid for people who are visually impaired, or fun musical toy for everyone.