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Embedded Car Computer System

01/23/2011 Category: Automotive, AVR, Control, Monitoring, Project

Xarias is embedded car computer system, based on ATMega32 MCU and programmed using C language and compiled with gcc compiler. The project is designed to obtain different car information and display it in human-readable form. It can calculate momentary and average speed, calculate momentary and average fuel consumption, show engine RPM, calculate journey time and distance, calculate total fuel consumed and its cost, show temperatures (inside/outside) and air conditioner automatic control and programming.

embedded monitoring car system

This automotive project is not utilizing OBD-II interface. All data is read directly from the sensors (speed, rpm, fuel injectors, etc). Xarias is able to be installed in any gasoline powered car (except old carburettor cars). It should work properly with LPG engines but this was not tested yet. All tests were made on Toyota Corolla E10 ’97.