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Handy Password Managing System, Lord of the Keys

05/11/2010 Category: AVR, Project, Security System

The Lord of the Keys is password managing system that able to store many usernames and passwords inside a Java Cardâ„¢ smart card (one of the most secure methods to store confidential information). Whenever a dialog box appears in an application or web browser requesting a username and password, these security features can be found on the externally attached device, which will then automatically complete the username and password fields for the user, as if he or she were typing them in.

portable password keeper

The project is built around the Atmel AVR ATmega168 microcontroller and has an LCD display and numeric keypad with alphanumeric entry capability to show and enter information respectively. It plugs in to the computer through a USB interface managed completely by software. In addition, no driver installation is necessary on the host computer, and it works independently from any web browser and operating system, so that it can be used with Windows, MacOS and Linux computers using any web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, FireFox, etc. This Password Managing System is designed by Carlos Cossio.