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Electric Smoker Temperature Controller

10/22/2011 Category: Control, Digital, Measurement, PIC, Project

Smoke-O-Tron is PID controller for electric smoker temperature developed based on PICAXE microcontroller. The controller can handle the 1500W heater to within about 3 degrees F. It will measure temperature in the space and switching the heater on and off at a given speed.

PID Electric Smoker Temperature Controller

User can easily adjust temperature setting through rotary encoder for user interface and 20×2 LCD display. The project uses K-Type Thermocouple to measure electric smoker temperature and Max 6675 Thermocouple Interface IC to convert sensor output to digital with SPI interface. Solid state relay is used to connect with the heater.

PID Smoker Temperature Controller
Project Firmware, Schematic and Documentation