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Rechargeable Battery Capacity Tester

10/24/2011 Category: AVR, Digital, Measurement, Microcontroller, Project

This ATMega168-based battery tester allows you to find out the overall capacity of the rechargeable battery. It can shows how long will a battery last from the time it’s fully charged to the time that the “low battery” indicator comes on your device. It can be used to test multiple cells individually, and display the results on an LCD.

Rechargeable Battery Capacity Tester

The tester discharges the battery while monitoring the voltage of the batteries. When the low threshold is reached, that cell is done it disconnects the load from the battery. When all tests are complete a series of beeps alerts the user. The tester identifies the type of battery by its initial voltage allowing both NiCd and NiMh batteries to be tested. The rechargeable battery capacity tester project is designed by Brian H.

Battery Capacity Tester
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