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Finger-Sized Arduino with Built-in Wireless Feature, RFDuino

April 02, 2013 By: admin Category: Arduino, Control, Wireless No Comments →

RFDuino is tiny low cost Arduino compatible board with wireless enabled microcontroller. It runs Arduino code and can do everything an Arduino can. Using the RFduino USB shield, simply plug the RFduino into a USB port of any computer and use the Arduino IDE to load your Arduino sketch, which automatically begins running on the […]

Bluetooth Home Automation

January 30, 2013 By: admin Category: Control, Microcontroller, Remote, Wireless No Comments →

The purpose of the project is to build Bluetooth Home Automation based on MSP430 Launchpads. It can be used to control home appliances, i.e. lights, computer, media, games, etc. This boosterpack uses PAN1325A Bluetooth module with Bluetooth chip-CC2560 and CapTouch Sensors. In the video demo, you watch Boosterpack turn on house lamp with touch of […]

Head-Controlled Keyboard And Mouse For Disabled, AVR ATMega32

October 07, 2012 By: admin Category: AVR, Control, Interfacing, Wireless No Comments →

Easy Input is a head-controlled keyboard and mouse input device for paralyzed users. The system is built based on AVR ATMega32. It uses user’s head movement to control mouse movement on the monitor and user’s eye blinking to activate mouse click. Two main sensor used for this project are Freescale MMA6560Q accelerometers to detect head […]

RFID Car Lock and Unlock

October 02, 2012 By: admin Category: Arduino, Remote, Wireless No Comments →

Many new cars have key less entry options to lock and unlock the door. It makes your life easier. But, if you have old car and want to add this feature, you can make your own Wireless Car Lock and Unlock based on RFID. Mathew has built a nice RFID Car Lock and Unlock for […]