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Radioisotope Analyzer

02/22/2010 Category: Measurement, PIC, Project, Sensor

This Radioisotope Analyzer project is built around PIC32MX360F512L. The device used for identifying and studying sources of ionizing radiation. This handheld laboratory instrument will processes the signal from a sensor called a “scintillation probe”, analyzes and stores the data, and produces a graphical output known as an “energy spectrum”. The location and amplitude of peaks within the spectrum gives an indication of which radioisotope is present.

PIC Radioisotope Analyzer

The sophisticated data-analysis tools featuring a back-propagation neural network for modeling unknown samples and comparing against previously measured samples.

Pete, the designer, explain that the PIC32 code is responsible for measuring the height of each pulse produced by the probe, and calculating an energy spectrum by tallying instances of various pulse heights over a time interval. The design includes a back-propagation neural network that is used to model various radioisotopes so that they can be compared to an unknown sample.

Ionizing Radiation
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