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Chemical Process in Electronics Design

02/20/2010 Category: Miscellaneous


An electronic project design is a process to build electronics device with certain function using electronics component such as ICs, capacitors, resistors, cable and others. Sometimes build a electronics project is not only ‘connecting’ wire between electronics component but also involve chemical process, in this case PCB etching.

PCB Etching is a process removing unwanted copper after applying your Schematic pattern to blank PCB with chemical liquid. For better results and faster is recommended you use hydrochloric acid and Hydrogen Peroxide formula with water + 7 units 4 units 2 units of HCL + H2O2 than use Ferric chloride. With combination of H2O2, HCL and H2O, copper disposal process will be faster than using FeCL2. This method also has economical benefit. You can save mixed liquid at bottle glass and re-use it for next etching ( add more H2O2 or HCL when process is too slow).

You can buy chemical supply for etch PCB, hydrochloric acid and Hydrogen Peroxide, with affordable price at The site is trusted distributor for fine chemicals and laboratory products. They provide all material for chemical laboratories and industries such as dehydrated alcohol or absolute alcohol. If you have PCB production factory, fine chemicals in bulk package with right grade of material and high quality is best choice for you.

Don’t forget your safety when dealing with chemicals. Always use rubber gloves and eye or head protector. Spectrum Chemical also provide reliable safety item for chemicals. For more detail about their product you can visit their site.