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Canon Camera IR Remote Control

10/15/2010 Category: AVR, Control, Digital, Microcontroller, Project, Remote

The project implements a canon RC1 remote control that allows the user to trigger almost all Canon SLR cameras from a distance. This is a great utility project with minimal extra components. It consist of AVR Butterfly (AVR ATmega169), an IR LED and NPN transistor. The Remote is shown here powered by an external 9 volt battery to increase the range if the remote but it can also be powered by the butterfly battery itself. This digital camera control firmware is written in C and compiled using AVR-GCC.


“Most modern cameras have an IR interface to trigger the camera, but each manufacturer have their own protocol for the IR interface. This remote was designed to be compatible with the Canon RC1 remote control”, said Jay Shroff, the project designer.

Camera Remote Control
Project Firmware, Schematic and Documentation