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AVR Barometric Altimeter

07/17/2010 Category: AVR, Measurement, Microcontroller, Project

The project is a plug-in daughterboard that converts a stock AVR Butterfly demo board into a barometric altimeter with one-meter resolution named Monarch. The major enhancements from ATmega169-based system including barometric sensing of air pressure, 10–110 mbar absolute range; Barometric altimeter, 1 meter resolution, >16K meters max; Digital temperature sensing; R/C (radio control) servo pulse decoding; Software controlled On/Off output for flexible switching of external devices; External battery operation (support for up to two power sources); Low battery detection; Voltage measurements extended to 35VDC.

AVR Barometric-Altimeter

The project, designed by Thomas Black, is used for barometric sensing of air pressure, digital temperature sensing, and RC servo pulse decoding. The software written in C with WinAVR GCC compiler. To install the Monarch software you can use the Butterfly Bootloader or the JTAG method.

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