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Battery-Powered Audio Amplifier

05/21/2009 Category: Amplifier, Audio, Project


Ruby is an “enhanced” version battery-powered amplifier. The project use LM386 – Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier as main part. Ruby has many shades of sparkly clean all the way up to a great, natural overdrive. The input buffer helps to retain treble detail going into the 386 chip. As you increase the Volume, you will start getting nice breakup. Ruby is kind of “non-master” volume amplifier.

The Gain pot has function as amount of gain. To get most clean volume possible from the 386, firstly set the Volume pot to maximum and slowly turn up the Gain pot. Find the point just before the sound starts to break up and you have the maximum clean volume available.

Here it is a 8 watt audio amplifier using IC LM 386.This amplifier is suit for amplifying small applications since its only produces power approximately 8 watt.


Small Audio Amplifier
Portable Audio Amplifier for Small Project