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5W VHF TV Transmitter

10/06/2011 Category: Analog, Miscellaneous, Transmitter, Video, Wireless

This VHF TV TRANSMITTER can be used to transmit movies from your PC to your living room, run a college TV station, hotel cable system info pages, re-transmit the TV program you’ve never been able to receive in your valley, cover rural areas of Africa with TV signal from satellite stations and other system that needs own TV broadcast studio.

TV Broadcast Transmitter Kits

The TV Transmitter gives output power up to 3W and coverage range from several meters up to about 5 km, depending on antenna type used on transmitting and receiving side. High-gain yagi antennas on both sides might offer even more range in favorable conditions. Unit is rugged and comes with SWR protection, made for 24/7/365 operation. It runs from 12-15V DC, solar panels, car battery or mains voltage (with power adapter). Each unit has a wide-angle high contrast backlit LCD display. Output power and channel can be adjusted with internal trimmer.