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Digital Oscilloscope, AT90S8535

06/19/2007 Category: AVR, Digital, Measurement, Project

This Oscilloscope was built based on AVR AT90S8535. It samples signals on a range of 0-4 V and displays them through HyperTerminal using VT 100 codes. The user, through the keypad, can select time per division calibrations ranging from .1sec to 2ms. The waveform is displayed along the user defined grid and peak-to-peak voltage and average voltage are printed out.

digital scope project

“We chose to construct a digital oscilloscope as our final project for this course. By building this project, we were able to learn more about the UART, AD sampling, memory indexing, keypad usage and many other topics we touched on earlier”, said Rahul Mukerjee & James Blanchette, project designer.