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Digital GLCD Oscilloscope

03/17/2010 Category: AVR, Display, Measurement, Project, Tools

This portable Oscilloscope project uses Graphical LCD screen, 64*128 pixel dots (GDM12864A with KS0108 processor or other compatible) as display and Microcontroller ATMEGA32 as the processor. The project used an external ADC0820 converter chip to increase the speed.

The speed is about 650,000 Sample’s per second (This is limited By ADC and AVR speed), so it able to show about 60khz frequency signal, said Behzad, the project designer.

The Oscilloscope features positive and negative cycles, show the voltage values in the range of +/- (.01 to 250) volt, Activate the options for gridding, division and High input impedance about 1Mohm. If you want to save your display result you can add external serial E2PROM. Project file (zip)