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AVR Wake On LAN Server

09/07/2010 Category: AVR, Interfacing, Microcontroller, Project, Remote

This AVR based WOLServer allow you to sent WOL packets securely from the Internet to a target PC. The project used Atmel AVR ATMega32L with uIP TCP/IP protocol stack to provide the internet capability. It has a 10base-T Ethernet port to connect to your local network. You can access it by using any telnet client software. WOL Server is password protected with multiple user account.

AVR Project Wake On LAN Server

“There’re 2 types of user account. First is normal user that can only send WOL to his/her PC only. The second is the admin account that can edit user information and can send WOL to any PC. This will allow WOL to work from internet by only authorized persons.” said Virachat Boondharigaputra, project designer.

The system consist of 4 main parts : Atmel AVR ATmega32L microcontroller; Microchip ENC28J60 Ethernet controller chip; LM1117-3.3 3.3v LDO regulator and RJ45 socket with integrated magnetic.

Project Features :

  • Low power. It’s a small microcontroller board that consumes very little energy so you can have it running all the time without paying too much for the electricity bills.
  • No moving part and low heat generation.
  • Robustness, It won’t hang easily as some PC. It won’t have power failure concern. If you don’t really need 100% uptime then UPS isn’t needed. Watchdog timer will reset the system if it hangs for any reason.
  • Regards of WOL packet. It will have no router problem because it sending WOL packet inside LAN.
  • Little requirement and security compromise router setting. If it’s used in network with real IP then it will need 1 available IP address and 1 port that can be access from outside. If it’s used in private IP network behind router then it need 1 free IP address and set 1 port in NAT to forward traffic to it.
  • Multiple users with multiple privilege user login. This will allow other authorized users other than the network admin to send WOL to his/her computer from outside. For security normal user will allow to send WOL to his/her computer only. Admin user can sent WOL packet to any Ethernet address.