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AVR Web Server And Webcam

05/25/2010 Category: AVR, Control, Interfacing, Microcontroller, Project, Remote

The avrETH1 project shows you how to connect an old cellular phone add-on camera with a 640x480px jpeg output to the internet using an ATmega32 and an ENC28j60 Ethernet controller.


The whole hardware fits into a matchbox (1.25inch x 1.88 inch). By using any standard web browser you can access the web camera, view a temperature plot of the last 24 hours, control the servo motor (360 degree webcam), read/write any I/O pin by using a simple mouse-click, upload any file to the internal Data Flash storage and access files stored on the flash. The project source code implements ARP, IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP (server), NTP (client), webcam I/O, servo control, I/O Pin control, 2nd software uart, and so on.

The websites are stored inside the program space of the ATmega32 and feature a flexible pattern parsing algorithm. This supports using keywords like “$$TN” to instruct the webserver to include special data in the page delivered to the browser (i.e. current temperature as ascii text). This AVR Ethernet project is designed by Simon Schulz from Germany.