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PIC18F4620 Based ENC28J60 Ethernet Controller

12/23/2009 Category: Control, Digital, PIC

ENC28J60 Ethernet Controller with PIC18F4620

The ENC28J60 is first Microchip’s Ethernet Controller that has features all MAC & PHY IEEE 802.3 10BaseT functions, 8KB of dual access RAM packet buffer and a SPI serial interface. It takes just few components to get the ENC28J60 up and running and connected to microcontroller with support for the industry standard SPI interface.

“This project includes schematic (PDF) and related information to build simple hardware implementation ENC28J60 (ENC) and a Microchip PIC18F 8-bit microcontroller running Microchip’s free TCP/IP stack. You can use PIC18F452 MCU for this project, but PIC18F4620 (40-pin) or the PIC18F2620 (28-pin) is better since it has more additional program and RAM memory space”, said Jorge Amodio the designer.

The ENC has 3.3V Vdd supply, one alternative is to use a MCU also with 3.3V Vdd (such as a PIC18LF4620) but depending on the MCU selection this will limit the maximum clock frequency supported by the MCU then reducing also the maximum SPI clock generated from the MCU clock. link