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In-Vehicle Data Acquisition System (IVDAQS)

04/10/2012 Category: Automotive, Data Acquisition, Microcontroller, Project, Renesas

This In-Vehicle Data Acquisition System (IVDAQS) can be used to monitor the performance of vehicle which includes engine temp, battery voltage monitoring, engine RPM, speed acceleration, braking rate, engine run time and lots more. The system is built based on M16C/62P microcontroller.

Data Acquisition System for Bike

Various sensors output such as temperature sensor, tilt sensor, acceleration sensors are used as input to micro controller. The main advantage of using this IVDAQS as compared to the commercial data acquisition system is that apart from data acquisition and performance monitoring, it also provides unique capabilities to our vehicle, which includes Digital Authentication using Dallas iButton to prevent any thefts, automatic head light ON, engine oil low warning, over tilt warning, engine tuning required warning.


Bike Data Acquisition System
Project Firmware, Schematic and Documentation