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Data Acquisition & Logging System

02/23/2008 Category: Data Acquisition, Microcontroller, Monitoring, Project

This microcontroller project log the temperature system. It can be used to monitoring and controlling environment temperature as we needed. i know that the chip, AT89C51, little out of date, but at least we can still learn the system How to make Data Acquisition & Logging System with microcontroller. This great project made by Abbas Raza

Data Acquisition & Logging System Using AT89c51

“The status and temperature date saved to PC via serial communication. Here 8 temperature sensors are connected(4 shown in diagram for simplicity). values of all the sensors are sent serially by AT89C51 to pc. Software “DAQ System ” takes these values and show them on its front panel, and also logs them to the data base “daq.mdb” .we can set some parameters like set point , low limit ,and high limit . when temperature of some sensor increases beyond set point ,the heater connected to controller (specific for that sensor) will be turned OFF( ON in opposite case ).High limit and low limits are for alarm. when temperature goes above high limit or below low limit the alarm will be turned on.”

For complete reference, source code, Schematic, you can download here.