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5W VHF TV Transmitter

October 06, 2011 By: admin Category: Analog, Miscellaneous, Transmitter, Video, Wireless No Comments →

This VHF TV TRANSMITTER can be used to transmit movies from your PC to your living room, run a college TV station, hotel cable system info pages, re-transmit the TV program you’ve never been able to receive in your valley, cover rural areas of Africa with TV signal from satellite stations and other system that […]

Remote Video Control System

June 19, 2011 By: admin Category: Control, Microcontroller, Project, Remote, Video, Wireless No Comments →

The Remote Video Control System will allow a remote user to fully control a separate video camcorder with a control board through InfraRed signal. The remote user has all the capabilities as if they were using the camcorder in-hand, including pan, tilt, zoom, Record, Display on/off, Tilt Position indicator, 4 speed settings, and even a […]

Motorola Signal Booster Bi-Directional RF Amplifier

August 19, 2010 By: admin Category: Amplifier, Audio, Miscellaneous, Video No Comments →

The Motorola Signal Booster enhances analog and digital picture quality, improves cable modem communication, and reduces lost data. It’s fast and effortless way to make your signal strength up to 32 times more powerful. You can install it easily without need any tools. This device allows you to optimize multiple broadband devices in your home […]

Video-Based Motion Sensor

April 30, 2010 By: admin Category: AVR, Microcontroller, Project, Sensor, Video No Comments →

This low cost motion sensor named is mOtiOn. It is built based on real time processing of a video signal using analog preprocessing and optimized image processing algorithms in an AVR ATmega88 microcontroller.