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Remote Video Control System

06/19/2011 Category: Control, Microcontroller, Project, Remote, Video, Wireless

The Remote Video Control System will allow a remote user to fully control a separate video camcorder with a control board through InfraRed signal. The remote user has all the capabilities as if they were using the camcorder in-hand, including pan, tilt, zoom, Record, Display on/off, Tilt Position indicator, 4 speed settings, and even a real-time display through a TV sender and TV tuner/video display.

Camcorder IR remote control project

The user’s control interface consists of a development board with one joystick and six buttons to control the remote system. The joystick allows the camcorder system to be controlled with 2 axis: pan (Left/Right) and tilt (Up/Down). The six buttons consist of four buttons to control the camcorder (Record, Display on/off, Zoom In, and Zoom Out) and two buttons for speed settings (Increase Speed and Decrease Speed). The control interface also includes two displays, the Tilt Position Indicator and the Speed Indicator. By implementing four different speed settings, the user can better control and choose how fast the camcorder will move by making the joystick appear to have several sensitivity settings. Remote Video Control System project is designed by Kyle Ross. Download : source code and documentation.