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AVR Underwater ROV with Video Camera

04/05/2011 Category: AVR, Miscellaneous, Project, Remote

This project will detail the build process, and parts to build an Underwater ROV (Remotely operated underwater vehicle) with video camera. The project plan is to make it a flexible platform that will allow user to add new features like leak detector, temp/pressure sensors, depth, air lift balloons, torpedo, sonar, grabbing arm, artificial horizon, compass, joystick control, AVI video recorder, Picture Frame grabber.

AVR Based Remotely operated underwater vehicle

The project uses AVR ATmega32 to control motor, sensor, and communicate with laptop via RS232. The MCU’s firmware is written in Basic and is compiled with Bascom-AVR. To monitoring the ROV and record the video on laptop side, this ROV project uses Visual Basic based software. Underwater ROV with video camera project is designed by Jason Rollette.

ROV With Camera
Project Firmware, Schematic and Documentation