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Teachers Timer

08/29/2010 Category: AVR, Microcontroller, Project, Timer

Teachers Timer is ATtiny13-based innovative and discrete timing device for assisting teachers and lecturers. Using cell phone style vibrations and a simple one-button interface the user can be alerted to the passage of time without staring at the clock. For lectures and presentations the device can also include a laser pointer that will gently fade in and out to alert the user.

teaching presentation timer

“The idea is simple: it vibrates in your hand and you click the button to “snooze” the alarm, moving on to the next subject. No looking. No thinking,” Said Nick Lott, the project designer.

The timer has two buttons. The first button controls the laser pointer, one click to toggle the laser on and off. The second button controls the timer. Each click adds five minutes to the countdown or holding the button for one second will clear the alarms and turn the device off.