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Simple Talking Elevator

09/01/2010 Category: Audio, AVR, Microcontroller, Miscellaneous, Project

Talking Elevator is a simple, low-cost and easy to install voice message solution for elevators. It can be set up and installed in minutes without the cost of modifications to elevator’s electrical systems and cabling. With very low power demands the system can work from batteries for about 1 to 3 months (depends on how often the elevator “talks”). Because it can be just glued to the cabin’s wall it can be installed “on demand”, for example because of the visually impaired people meeting, international conferences, etc.


Besides generates voice messages about the elevator’s current level, The project designed by Miron Klosowski also measures elevators acceleration and deceleration. Acceleration measurement in m/s2, maximum relative acceleration in mg and speed in m/s and km/h. The main part of the system consist of ATmega169 microcontroller, ADXL202JE Accelerometer, Data Flash and speaker. For setup and control, the system is equipped with LCD display and joystick.

Speaking Elevator System
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