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Vehicle Accident Prevention System

04/24/2010 Category: Monitoring, PIC, Project, Security System

This is an embedded intelligence implanted into the automobile, a cognitive system that gives the vehicle some sort of an entity. The primary function of this entity is to assess driving attitude by keeping a watch on the driver stability both mental and physical, observing the driving patterns to arrive at a decision through a decision making process and to infer whether it’s a dangerous driving or a safe one and thereafter take a corrective action. This safety car project is a standalone system and does not interfere with the automobile mechanics and engine acceleration control.

Car Accident Prevention System

VAPS (Vehicle Accident Prevention System) is designed with the PIC32MX360F512L, a 32 bit flash microcontroller that forms the brain of this system. The system offers no room for any sympathy, mercy or any compromise. You can’t be drinking or sleepy when you are driving, and no zipping through the freeway. You can’t switch off VAPS forcefully except by tearing of its limbs and cutting off its power supply. It’s a robot with cognitive intelligence and programmed to look for faults and take a corrective action, said vu2kfr, the designer.

The PIC32 will monitors vehicle acceleration/speed, driver respiratory rate, seatbelt status, position of the vehicle(gps), driver reflex/response time. When fault is detected, the corrective action taken by the VAPS (in sequence) are internal alerts, external alerts, 911- sms alert.