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Canine Epilepsy Electronic Monitor

04/22/2010 Category: AVR, Microcontroller, Monitoring, Project

The Doggie 911 project is ATmega32 based system that help vets or dog owners to monitor the patterns of epileptic seizures in dogs. It will logs the number of seizures, the duration of the seizures, and the time between seizures. With this data, veterinarians can give better diagnose and treatment.

Dog Epilepsy Electronic Monitor

Steve Lubbers, the project designer, said that the problem is separated into two main problems. It will be necessary to record the patterns of a seizure and to compare those to patterns from a normal day in the life of a dog. This is addressed by an acceleration/vibration logging system called “Doggie Logger”. Once the seizure pattern is known, it will be necessary to provide real-time monitoring of the dogs vibration to detect the target pattern. Additionally, the time/date of the seizure should be recorded. I would also like to be notified that a seizure is occurring. This is addressed by the monitoring system called K-9-11.