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AVR 8x8x8 3D LED Cube

01/10/2013 Category: AVR, Display, LED, Microcontroller

Here is another great inspiring 8x8x8 LED Cube project based on AVR microcontroller. You can use it as 3D LED graphic equalizer for your audio system visualization. The project uses 8x8bit Latches IC (74HC573D) to control the anodes of 8 LEDs via PNP Transistor and 8 N-Channel MOSFETs (IRF530) to control the cathodes of 64 LEDs on a Y-Plane. All Latches IC and MOSFETs are controlled by AtMega32.

It can talk to a PC via USB with a FT232RL. It has 1Mbit FRAM to store graphics, patterns and animations. The FRAM can be accessed over TWI (or I2C). An AtMega8 is configured as TWI Slave and sends audio data from a MSGEQ7 (7 band graphic equalizer) to the AtMega32.

3D LED Cube 8x8x8

The software is consists of 3 parts. The first part is CubeFirmware for the AtMega32. It loads images from the FRAM or the AtMega8 and display it. It also monitors the serial Port and reacts accordingly. Second part is AudioFirmware for the AtMega8. It acquires data from the MSGEQ7 and sends it via TWI. And the last part is CubeControl (Java-based PC software). It allows you to create visual 3D effects and animations and then and upload them to the Cube memory. This AVR 8x8x8 LED Cube project is designed by Thomas B with his friend, Max and Felix. Source code and Schematic.

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