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Electricity and Gas Meters Logging Station

06/01/2010 Category: AVR, Data Acquisition, Measurement, Microcontroller, Project, Remote

The FALCO is an AT90CAN128 microcontroller-based logging station for electricity and gas meters. The system has camera module looking at the measuring gauge (display) of meter. The recognition procedure provides the absolute value of flowed energy and is periodically logged into persistent memory. Beyond this camera, FALCO has additional 9 pulse inputs for monitoring usual meters.

Gas Meter Loggin Station

Currently measured values, log content and configuration is available for machine-level access thru the dCore/dTree protocols based on the CAN communication protocol standard. The internal web server is implemented for user-friendly personal-level access. It has the Server Side Includes and dynamic file content generation capability, and is based on the Wiznet hardware TCP/IP stack chip. Current view of camera module and recognition status is available inside HTML pages structure.

Other feature of the project including last pulse-to-pulse time period values for energy flow trends predictions, selectable polarity and simple adjustable digital filter on every pulse input, and password protected configuration. The Electricity and Gas Meters Logging Station project is designed by Zdenek Hanak.