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Neonatal Artificial Bubble Embedded System

06/03/2010 Category: AVR, Control, Microcontroller, Project

This project is built to controls a Neonatal Artificial Bubble (BAN, Burbuja Artificial Neonatal). The real-time embedded system software can simultaneously control all of the environmental variables such as temperature, relative humidity, and oxygen. The system is built around microcontroller AVR AT90CAN128.


The BAN is an alternative medical equipment in hospital to the traditional incubators. It able to cover the deficiencies such as bad distribution of the temperaturesinside the neonatal capsule, an inadequate ventilation, an inadequate oxygen administration, the presence of high noise, a easily contaminable atmosphere, a deficient relative humidity administration. It also offer better conditions for high-risk newborn growth.

The system consist of 3 levels. Level 1 is the G***** Hard (Heart) Operating System – GHOST, which is a pre-emptive kernel with a priority process-based scheduling, that is responsible for management of processes, and communication between processes. It also provides, communication and synchronization mechanisms between processes.


Level 2 implements tasks that handle each one of BAN devices. These are the drivers of the modules: Data Acquisition, Handling of Control Devices, User Interface, Visualization and Sounds. Finally, level 3 contains the process of signal processing, the control processes of the environmental parameters, the process responsible for monitoring these environmental parameters, the process of alarms supervision, and the process of serial communication with a PC. This Neonatal Artificial Bubble controller (experimental phase) is developed by Andres Barrios Montalvo from Peru.