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RF remote control using microcontroller AVR

02/05/2008 Category: Microcontroller, Project

Using remote control make our work more easier. like turn off Air conditioner, change channel TV, play your home theater and more. There are many type of remote control like Infrared, Radio Frequency, SMS and more. To control device behind the wall like garage door you can only use Radio Frequency remote control. Because the other can not bypass the wall.

Here is RF Remote control using microcontroller created by serasidis. There are two part in this electronic project : transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is constituted by AT90S2323 microcontroller and TLP434 RF transmitter module at 418MHz. the transmitter designed for battery economy use and safe transmition of the data. The receiver constituted by RF receiver module RLP434A at 418MHz, the microcontroller AT90S2313 and the 2 relays with can handle any electric (or electronic) device up to 10 Amps (the contacts of my relays are 10Amp at 250Volts).For antenna you can use a cable 30 – 35cm long.

Download here for documentation, firmware, source code and schematic.