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SMS Remote Control, AVR ATtiny2313

01/08/2013 Category: AVR, Control, Remote

The aim of the project is to build SMS remote control for electric devices. The project based on AVR ATtiny2313 as main processor and GSM module GM-47 sony-ericsson. GSM module GM-47 was chosen because it can be controlled easily it via AT commands.

With this circuit you can control ON/OFF a lot of electric/electronic devices such as ADSL modem, personal computers, water boilers, water pumps, garage doors, lights and many more. The circuit can handle power ON/OFF up to 4 electric devices. But, if you need more output control, you can expand its capabilities by using AVR microcontroller with more output pin.

SMS remote controller for electric devices

Moreover, this SMS remote control allows you to read 8 switches status. You can use it as security system by connected these switches with reed switches to the windows and the doors of your house. SMS remote control project is designed by Vassilis Serasidis. Download: source code & schematic.