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AVR Remote Power Control

01/29/2013 Category: AVR, Control, Monitoring, Remote

PowerManager allows you to monitor and control your home power through a web browser on a local area network (LAN). You can turn on or off any devices that plugged to PowerManager’s outlets with the click of a button on a webpage. The system based on AVR ATMEGA644 microcontroller and ENC28J60 Ethernet controller. This embedded system acts as a web server to serve a web page that allows the user to turn on or off the supply of power to the connected devices. The project serves as a fundamental element in a home automation system.

remote home power via LAN

The project is effectively able to run IP, TCP, and HTTP stacks on an AtMega644 MCU and interface these layers with the physical layer on an ENC28J60 Ethernet controller through SPI. All of this is done given the memory and processing constraints of the AtMega644. To work with these constraints, all packets are limited to at most 400 bytes.