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OBDII Code Reader

11/09/2010 Category: Automotive, AVR, Microcontroller, Project

The ODBII Code Reader is AT90CAN128-based automotive tools that can read the ODBII protocol data and tell you which car system malfunctioned; it can also clear the code, which turns off the Check Engine Light. But most importantly, the ODBII Code Reader can tell you when the computer has rechecked the systems and reset their corresponding “readiness monitors” so that the car can pass inspection. The status of these readiness monitors are clearly displayed using LEDs, making it easy to see even while driving.


This automotive project was designed to provide information through its large two-line LCD display and quick-reference LEDs. All necessary user-control is achieved through a single push-button knob. This simple interface allows it to be easily used while working in the shop or driving. More advanced automotive hobbyists will enjoy the ability to download car engine parameters and information from the ODBII data stream using the Code Reader’s USB port. For portability, an optional SD card interface is also included. The end design is a cost effective, simple ODBII Code Reader that rivals more expensive and complicated commercial diagnostic car tools. OBDII Code Reader project was designed by Trampas Stern from US.