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Personal Biomedical Signal Measurement

11/12/2010 Category: AVR, Measurement, Microcontroller, Miscellaneous, Monitoring, Sensor

The personal biomedical signal measurement device is used to monitoring sick patient during absense of supervisor. The ATmega169-based device also can be used by sportsmen to monitoring their heart state during exercise. The system perform two non-invasive measurements, ECG and oxymeter. The device can be enlarged to measure oxygen in blood.

biomedical monitor project

The base of the device is the Butterfly kit. Two additional circuits were created. One for ECG measurement and the other for measuring pulse oxymeter. The device may be used as an alarm if there are any heart rate disorders by connect it to a cellphone. Or user can connect it to the computer via RS232 interface for data acqustion. A computer application has been made for the project to shows the actual pulse ECG chart and pulse oxymeter. It can also read the content of DataFlash memory, which contains the history of pulse data for more analysis. This biomedical monitoring device was designed by Tomasz Orlowski & Anna Meresta.

bio medical signal monitor diagram