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Remote Critical Area Monitoring System

02/02/2010 Category: Microcontroller, Monitoring, PIC, Project

This is a video based remote environmental monitoring system for use in critical areas. The system enables you to connect remotely to a web page and obtain video image of the environment, temperature, mains power failure state, monitor the voltage of the backup battery, and monitor door contact state.


Besides that user can also change high and low temperature alarming set points and change the amount of video motion required before video motion alarms are generated. Main component in this project is MCU PIC24F64GA002 as main processor, ENC28J60 (Stand alone Ethernet controller), MCP9800 (I2C based temperature measuring sensor) and 24LC16BT – 16K I2C Serial EEPROM.

Kevin Tiplady, the designer, explains that if the user has connected to the system with a Telnet type application they can be alerted when the system has alarm conditions. Presently the alarm conditions consist of: Main failure alarm indication, Low Battery alarm indication, High and low temperature alarm indication, Video motion detection alarm, Door contact change of state alarm indication.

Web Based Surveillance System
Download Project Documentation (zip)