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OpenPICUS : PIC based Wireless Platform Project

03/22/2010 Category: News, PIC

OpenPICUS is PIC 24F series (16 bit) based new open hardware platform with embedded wireless module (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi). The project will let developers (hardware and software) create their advanced wireless sensor applications even without any hardware experience. At this time, the project is under development. If you have great idea and want to contribute to the project, you will have a chance to get OpenPICUS evaluation board for FREE.

Here is main characteristics of OpenPICUS:

  • CPU Microchip PIC 24F 16 bit 44 pins QFN 64K Flash 8K Ram)
  • Wireless (Bluetooth / Wi-Fi)
  • Power 5V or 3,3V
  • Main connections: UART, Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, Analog Inputs, PWMs, SPI display, I2C
  • Connector: 26 Ways IDC header (male) suitable for TH mounting or flat cable
  • SMT: 26 Pins for direct soldering PICUS to a PCB


  • PICUS gives a possibility to upload software by a serial port (you do not need a Microchip programmer).
  • Bluetooth offers SPP, OBEX, Headset profiles.
  • Wi-Fi gives an access to the integrated webserver, TCP socket, embedded FTP and email clients.

You can follow the project development at