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PIC Servo Tester

06/06/2009 Category: Digital, Microcontroller, PIC, Tools

The PIC Servo Tester project uses a PIC16F690 with the code written in C. The timing loop is a crude one relying on a simple tight loop, so the pulses are not massively accurate. But the author said that it close as he can get measuring with an analogue scope.

The board has four modes of operation, selected using TACT switches with the status indicated on LEDS built into the switches. The two pots R1 and R2 are used to set position and speed. The buttons give four functions:

  • Maximum – the servo is set to maximum position (2ms input pulse)
  • Minimum – the servo is set to minimum position (1mS input pulse)
  • Swing – the servo is swung aroung the centre; R1 sets the width of swing, R2 sets the speed of swing
  • Position – the servo position is set by R1


PIC Servo Tester
Servo project and source code