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Color to Sound Player, AVR ATmega1284

January 18, 2013 By: admin Category: AVR, Converter, Miscellaneous, Project No Comments →

This ATmega1284-based project can convert the color to sound directly. It can be used as cassette player that plays through a tape of colors. It determines the RGB content of a surface and then speaks the color or plays a musical tone at the sound frequency mapped to the color. The user can select between […]

Hand Speak, Hand Sign Language Translator

January 15, 2012 By: admin Category: Converter, Miscellaneous, Project, Renesas No Comments →

The project was designed to improve communication capabilities for deaf and blind. It converts the mechanism of hand sign language into alphanumerical characters, then assist users to show and to communicate with others through any forms of ASCII text. The system identifies 26 alphabets and 10 numbers of American Sign Language, then display on LCD […]

Wiegand to RS232 Converter

April 12, 2010 By: admin Category: AVR, Converter, Microcontroller, Project No Comments →

Wiegand to RS232 converter solves the problem enabling direct connection of the access control card reader, Wiegand Data Interface, to PC. The project allow you to work with access control devices on your desktop. The system features including automatic recognition of Wiegand 26 and Wiegand 37 data format, support of Wiegand 26 and Wiegand 37 […]

USB Audio Digital to Analog Converter

July 02, 2008 By: admin Category: Converter, Digital, Project, USB No Comments →

I want to build high quality preamplifier with built-in DAC from SPDIF or USB for my power amplifier Leachamp. I tried to design DAC from USB with this circuit on one-sided PCB and I was successful. Schematics is from datasheet of PCM2902. Circuit includes DAC and ADC, SPDIF output and input and HID part with […]