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Wiegand to RS232 Converter

04/12/2010 Category: AVR, Converter, Microcontroller, Project

Wiegand to RS232 converter solves the problem enabling direct connection of the access control card reader, Wiegand Data Interface, to PC. The project allow you to work with access control devices on your desktop. The system features including automatic recognition of Wiegand 26 and Wiegand 37 data format, support of Wiegand 26 and Wiegand 37 data formats, checking parity of Wiegand data block, transmission via RS232 link card data and card format, and control of the reader’s LEDs and beeper.

Wiegand to RS232 Project

Aleksander Borysiuk, the project designer, explained that Wiegand to RS232 Converter hardware consists of four parts: AVR microcontroller AT90S1200, AND gate, RS232 driver / receiver and signal conditioning and protection circuits of card reader interface. While the firmware has been written in assembler in AVR Studio 3.53 environment. In the PC side, Wiegand Card Reader Test program is used for checking on the engineer’s desk data preprogrammed in access control cards by their vendors.